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Thread: No my Chain Saw but

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    No my Chain Saw but

    It sure would be fun to try out.

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    Neat toy. But practical? Dunno.
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    Think it will make it to Stihl Timbersports? Man, you could make some bowl blanks pretty quick with that.

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    If you were making christmas tree stands out of trunk slices maybe it would have a place provided that you had enough orders and had to deliver them in real short time.
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    What is the TPG of it? (tree's per gallon) If one could make a feeder, to get a consistent thickness, then maybe a new wooden frisbee trend, that would dwarf the pet rock craze of yesteryear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    Neat toy. But practical? Dunno.
    It's built for exhibitions and competitions, so it's completely practical for those purposes.
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