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Thread: How furniture values change

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    How furniture values change

    Was watching an episode of antiques roadshow and a lady brought what i thought was a beautiful piece of furniture onto the show.
    This was a fold down desk ,set of draws. All wonderfully inlayed with amazing detail on every draw face and more. The inlay work alone on one section was simply stunning.
    Sadly the guy doing the appraisal says unit only worth $1500 as market for furniture with inlay is down.
    Kinda made me sad that people lose appreciation for what i consider to be some of the most difficult aspects of woodworking. This was not flat surfaces either. Was a lovely shaped piece as well. Wish i had a pic to show ya all to get some other opinions.
    Inlay work was very well done, not boring and not too decorative either. I thought it would be a piece with broad appeal.
    How wrong one can be. But then who says the "market" has anything more to offer than money.

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    Everything is worth only what the buyer and seller agree to. Some people will never appreciate it, no matter how good it is. For example the Mona Lisa to me, is best described as a dartboard, I don't get what people see in it.
    The antiques roadshow is basically a guide by what they know their buyers are typically into and paying at the time. Doesn't mean the local market is the same and sometimes they are high, others low.

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    Just wait 20 years, it'll be back

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