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Thread: Here's something mindblowing to me...

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    Here's something mindblowing to me...

    A commenter on my channel just told me about a guy Doug Wilkes... A quick youtube search turned up this guitar ...

    The idea makes perfect sense ... such a clever thought ... guess they were popular in the 80s. Nifty idea!
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    I love listening to guitar. I did try to play at one time, but playing musical instruments is just not with the realm of what comes to me. I am quite jealous of the ability - I really wish I could play.

    I like what I see there and I find it to be a really cool thing. I never knew such a thing existed. But then - I never knew an electric harp than can be held - on a hammered Dulcimer existed.

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    I need to go watch some Pink Floyd / David Gilmour videos -- never noticed any sliding pickups on Gilmour's guitars. Probably too mesmerized by the magical sounds to pay attention to guitar details.

    On a side note: if you never got a chance to see Pink Floyd (I was lucky to see them with my wife MANY years ago), check out Brit Floyd (will see them for 2nd year at Red Rocks in Colorado this summer), and also Australian Pink Floyd, who I've also seen, and I believe are still touring. Incredible tribute bands.

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    Really is a clever idea, but defeats the whole purpose of having a nice collection of different guitars for the different pickup locations!
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    That is a brilliant idea, but agree with Brent, kills the reason to have a closet full of them. Good thing guns are soooo much different from one another, would be hard to stop with just one of them too.

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    Cool idea, although only really practical for studio or living room applications. Moving the pickup a little can change the sound a lot...not necessarily a good thing when playing live.

    Lee, Brit Floyd is great indeed. They're also pretty popular on the Fractal Audio forum. (Fractal makes the amp/effects system used by Brit Floyd - and a lot of us other guys, too.)
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