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Thread: Rocklers Bandy Clamps

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    Rocklers Bandy Clamps

    OK here is the low down on Rocklers new Bandy Clamp. Are they worth the money, I say absolutely yes, do they do what they say they will do, nope, they do not. Let me explain. I have a table top I am doing MDF with veneer top and one and half inch Cherry wood edge. Now Rocklers video will have you believe that the Bandy clamps are the only clamps you need to hold an edge to substrate, not true, they simple don't have the necessary strength to hold the edge by them self and get any kind of decent squeeze out, at least I didn't think there was enough glue squeeze out myself. But here is why I think these are great, they did allow me to position the edging to exactly were I needed it and the big thing, it free'd up both of my hands to use my long clamps, something I have never be able to do in the past. The long clamps really pull down and gets some good squeeze out, and the Bandy clamps allowed me do that, they are perfect for that, and a much needed accessory to my shop. I got three pair, and thinking about getting a few more, so if your on the fence about these, I recommend getting them, it will make your life easier, I promise you.

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    Thanks for the review, Mark. I'd not heard of the Bandy Clamps before.
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