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Thread: What should I do

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    What should I do

    On the fence on this table top I am doing, it is an MDF walnut veneered table top with Cherry wood edging and I can't make up my mind if I should use a wipe on Poly, or rattle can spray Lacquer or brush on lacquer. Never done a veneer table top on MDF so not sure what I need to finish this thing, any suggestion will be appreciated.

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    Well I can offer no advice on this. Well I could but I would be guessing which is worse than no advice
    Hopefully some on will chime in.

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    I can't offer any specific advice, but I wonder how much difference it would be from finishing some mdf veneered ply?

    I did mine with what I call the Rennie method. Basically a seal coat of lacquer, and some wipe on satin poly, and I finihsed it up with a littel paste wax.

    Ended up looking pretty decent and it's what I generally use anymore.

    Hopefully someone more skilled will chime in soon.
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    What is it that you're not sure? Any of the finishes you mentioned can be used, though for a table top I would go with a good varnish (either wiped on or brushed). Lacquer would be quite a bit less durable in that use.

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    I have a chip on my shoulder using poly on a table top (my son created divots in the finish growing up).

    Lacquer is minimally adequate for a table surface.

    My usual finish now is water based conversing varnish... Target EM8000cv
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