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Thread: ya gotta see this its spinny its woodworking and its fancy jigs and incredible photo

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    ya gotta see this its spinny its woodworking and its fancy jigs and incredible photo

    So by now most of us know of Matthias Wandel and i know some here have even built his Panto Router jig/machine you can buy plans for this for $18 here if you would like to build your own.

    Well some guy in Japan is actually making this machine in aluminum and ships it to North America.

    Well by now we also all know the guy Frank Howarth that did the marvelous stop motion videos of a lawn chair , well the guy in Japan sent him a kit to try out and review.

    So see what Frank did with the machine incredible creativity in my view .......segmented turning

    If anything shows the incredible nature of the web this series of links shows it. Here a guy in Canada designs a machine and an Indian guy living in Japan sets about making it in metal in kit form and supplying it worldwide to a woodworker in America to try out and see what he can do with it. Then we get to see the entire process via You tube in high definition. I call that incredible in so many ways. BTW the guy in Japan pays Matthias a royalty and sent him a machine too.

    How cool is this story. Enjoy I think Matthias Wandel is nothing short of a genius. Really great You Tube channel.

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    Cool stuff indeed.
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    How fun! What a cool use of that tool.
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
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    that is some great stuff. I wonder what a person could come up with using a CNC router on something like a bowl.......
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    Wow! That is one serious wood turner.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Very fascinating.
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    Not is it great turning but the side videos show some other amazing items. Sure wish I was that talented. Oh well I just plug along.
    Summer is just about here so back into the shop to try some of those projects.

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    Gotta admit that I'm seriously jealous of a few things here:

    1, the pantarouter, but I guess that easily solved in one of two ways

    2, Frank H's shop, mucho neat toys there,

    3, mostly his problem solving ability. Actually we're in the presence of three smart men, Matthias, Frank and the guy in Japan.

    4, very neat stop motion video production.

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