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Thread: Optivisor LED Light Set

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    Optivisor LED Light Set

    Some of the recent discussions on using magnifier headsets such as the optivisor must have triggered one of those evil google/amazon targeted ad campaigns at me. Anyway, this popped up on my radar and I went ahead and bought it.

    It's a super bright little led light set for the optivisor. I've got to say it works really well. Evenly lights up the area right where you need it. I had gotten some splinters wedged in pretty deeply and this was a big help in digging them out with some fine tipped tweezers.

    Just passing on some info.

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    Hi folks,
    I have one of these and really like it.

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    Optivisor loupes have been good for me. I still have one I purchased in the 50's. In a previous thread I mentioned that one of my dad's hobbies was cutting and polishing diamonds. He won awards for some of his stones. He used Optivisor loupes, mainly the 7x. I, also, use the 7x as my "go to" loupe. That worked well for me when I was making jewelry as a hobby. I also used it for shop things like sharpening drills, removing splinters, etc.

    I have not seen the LED attachment; it sounds great.

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    I'm finding as I age I need more and more light as well as more and more magnification to see some things. I need to order both the visor and the light.

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