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Thread: You Read/Hear About It Once In a While, But

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    You Read/Hear About It Once In a While, But

    You do not think you will experience. What I am talking about is reading about some young kid dropping dead while playing some sports or something. Will last week my great nephew, 13 years old, collapsed in PE at school and essentially died. His heart stopped. The PE teacher immediately started CPR and kept it up for many minutes until the Fire Chief came. The Fire Chief came because there was no one else available to respond, they were all out on calls. The Fire Chief and PE teacher continued CPR until an Ambulance could arrive. Got him to the hospital and "brought him back" got him stabilized and had him flown to a hospital in a larger city that specializes in heart attacks. They discovered he had a rare heart condition and it required a pace maker to keep his heart beating correctly. Next morning he went in surgery, the following day they brought him home and he is doing very well. From dead to feeling very well, in fact he told his mom he felt better then he could ever remember feeling, in two days.

    The PE teacher and Fire Chief deserve metals of some sort. The saved his life.

    It is all pretty amazing to me and my niece has 4 boys. I was also amazed at how people stepped in to help. We even ended up with the second oldest boy to take care of for a few days. That in it's self turned out to be a blessing. I am not very use to being around today's young kids. In fact they terrify me. But this guy and I hit it off very well. I enjoyed his stay. Even had him working at the scroll saw!! We had a good time. His mom says that is all he has talked about since he went home. Got to have him back to finish up our wood working projects. He even left me with some assignments of things to get done for when he gets to come back.

    Life can be amazing!
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    Glad one of life's curve balls turned into a home-run true how things can change in the blink of an eye...Giving thanks takes on a whole new level
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    Thank goodness that the PE teacher had the training needed to keep the boy alive and the Fire Chief went above and beyond to protect his community. Dedicated hard working men for sure.

    Just amazing, so very thank full for all involved.
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    Whoeee...glad that worked out as it did. He could have collapsed in a place where there was no knowledgeable help available. Now he has a second chance. Amazing indeed!

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    That's amazing, Paul. One never thinks they would know of someone in their lives that would be part of this kind of story. Thankfully, he had smart, trained folks around him that made all the difference. And it sounds like there's a future FWW member on the way. So glad it worked out.

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    That is wonderful and inspiring news Paul, glad he's ok and kudos to those that stepped in. Kudos to you on making a new friend and future WW.

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    Darren said what I was going to say.

    Paul, thank you very much for your part in this. The kid sounds great. It also sounds like he has a new mentor!

    Thanks Again and Enjoy,
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    Amazing in a a wonderful way. Glad to hear that story had a happy ending.
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    Wow! How an ordinary day can go quickly to an extraordinary day! No one in that story panned this when they got out of bed that morning! Restores my faith in humanity.

    Paul, with your talent, why not make a scroll sawed thank you plaque for those two men? Make a collage of symbols of their jobs wrapped around a Thank you ribbon with names and date scrolled in as well. Frame them and have the young guy with his family present them to the two heroes. And call the TV station and newspapers to let them know there are heroes in the neighborhood. They can record the presentation. There is enough bad news available everyday. This is some great news.

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    Ditto what Carol said!

    People like that don't expect any special recognition, so go for it. They deserve it!!!
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