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Thread: Shopsmith mortise attachment

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    Shopsmith mortise attachment

    Recently I got some wheelwright books and started a hub mortising jig. It is about ĺ done and then I decided to check into the SS mortise attachment. Besides the unwelcoming price tag I have not read much good about it and certainly donít want to harm the old girl (1954 Shopsmith mark V) making it do something thatís not recommended. Anyone use this attachment and is the SS quill to weak? Some mods and I can go to the drill press but this was just too tempting and convenient. Thanks for any help/advice.
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    It takes a quite a little pressure the use the mortise attachment on a shopsmith. The problem is the table. It is not real sturdy and tends to flex away from the cutter. It is also hard to get the table clamped real solidly on amachine as old as yours and either the head or the table want to slide on the tubs. I spent the money do do it and took a bath when I sold it. Not a fan of morticing on a shopsmith. I do have 2 shopsmiths. A drill press would be a better choice but the handles are short so be prepared to go slowly. Getting on to fit your drill bress would depend on the manufacturer so be carfull if buying off from ebay.

    If you can I would go for a morticing machine. This is one place you would be better off without something with attachments.

    Wish you well

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