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    Jacksonville Florida Craigslist

    OH BOY! It finally happened to me!

    As most of you know, I am setting up a new wood shop and I am unbearably slow at getting things done. For months now I have been looking and hoping to find someone remodeling a kitchen or something and getting rid of some old cabinets that I could re-work for the shop.

    I bought the materials to build my own cabinets but kept thinking it would take me a year to finish everything like I wanted to have it.

    For the last few days I have been looking on line at cabinets to buy. (I know, that's a no, no. ) Everywhere I looked you could expect to spend $2000 to have a really nice setup. No way I would even consider buying cabinets etc.

    Today, I had just brought up the craigslist (Which I rarely do) and had made an entry in the "Wanted" section for some used cabinets when a friend of mine came by to visit. I was flipping through the tool section pretty quickly and almost scared him to death when I hollered WHOH!

    Here's what I "almost" missed:

    Set of Used kitchen cabinets Sizes are as follows Base Cabinets: 1@ sink base 53.75 inches long by 34.5 inches tall by 24 inches deep. 1 @ 51.5 inches long by 34.5 inches tall by 24 inches deep. 1@ 28 inches wide by 34.5 inches tall by 24 inches deep. Wall cabinets as follows: 1 @ 63.5 inches long by 30 inches tall by 12 inches deep. 1@ 26.75 inches wide by 30 inches tall by 12 inches deep. 1@ 50 and 7/8 inches wide by 12 inches deep by 30 inches tall. 1@ 36 inches long by 12 inches tall by 12 inches deep.
    Selling for 200.00 per set firm. Firm means just that dont email and tell me you can buy new cabinets for 150.00 when I know for a fact you can get 1 cabinet for that new. If you cannot speak English then don’t call me. Delivery possible in the jax area

    I told my friend, "Hook up the trailer!" and picked up the phone. I called a friend in Jacksonville (35 miles away) and he said he would hook up his trailer. We met on the highway and drove a little more than a 100 mile round trip. I gave the man his $200 (and spoke English! )

    After the deal was done and the cabinets loaded, the man told the friend from Jax about a "High End" couch around the corner on the curb with a "Free to a good home" sign on it. He got a really nice free couch for his daughter.

    All in all it was a very good day. I think the greatest part of the day was realizing what good friends I have that would jump up and run with me at a moments notice not knowing what in the hell I was doing. (I explained on the way. )

    By the way, for those of you in Florida. This guy that had the cabinets is one of the group who have ads on the craigslist to take down cabinets for free for people remodeling. All they ask for is the cabinets. I got his card and numbers if anyone wants them. Maybe he will have or end up getting the cabinets you need.

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    That's a good deal Don! Really saves a lot of time and effort. They look like good quality.

    It sure is nice to have good friends that are willing to help out, no questions ask.

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    now thats a steal

    i like the guys attitude too, one language not two. nice batch of cabinets and we will let you off the hook for not makin your own at that price you couldnt get materials to do it,
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    Great story and I always like to hear about items being re-used as opposed to ending up in the landfill or on the burn pile. Great deal and as Larry mentioned; we can hardly dog you for getting all those for so much less than the material would cost.

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    Funny Story!

    Good Get.........

    GREAT Friends!
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