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Thread: It's an amazing world we live in...

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    It's an amazing world we live in...

    My wife's boss has a disabled son and they had an extra seat at a charity luncheon today that they invited my wife to. She was telling me that about one of the speakers, the founder of Go Baby Go, Dr. Cole Galloway. The foundation has taken off the shelf toy cars and created mobility for children that normally would cost thousands of dollars to produce for just a few hundred dollars with off the shelf parts and hardware. The interesting part was the process of evaluating the child's disability and creating strengths from their weaknesses. For instance, a little girl that had a hard time holding her head up, they moved the accelerator where she had to use her head to control the car, to where she has built muscle in her neck muscles. A boy that had weaknesses in his legs had to work to stand to move the car. Things that weekly visits to a physical therapist didn't accomplish in over a year of visits. I thought the story was inspirational and worth sharing...


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    i didn't watch the video yet, but stories such as this remind me that our innovators haven't quit! My nephew back in the '80's had a lazy eye, his doctor had him wear a patch over his good eye and play video games, today, you would not know this kid had a lazy eye.

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    Oh the joys of helping others less fortunate with talents we have available!!!!!!

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    That is awesome.
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    Love the fact that they open source it.

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    That is great. As a Shriner I get to one of our hospitals occasionally. Last time I was there a severly disabled girl who would never have use of her legs was zipping around the place in a small race car built for her. It had the Shrine symbol on it and I'll bet it will be used in a few parades.
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