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Thread: My Shapeoko 2 current state

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    My Shapeoko 2 current state

    My 2nd CNC

    I think I posted a little on this sometime ago, but thought with all the new CNC info being posted I'd do a little up date. And it will be a little one as I haven't really cut much on it. I did some drawing and Name printing on some stomp rockets for my grandson and some of the neighbor kids. It really works well for that but getting a properly spring loaded pen holder is not as easy as one would think.

    Recently I have redone my cable handling and changed the Dermal out for a Black@Decker RTX. I have drilled the waste board in a pattern then flooded the holes with cyan acrylic glue and then taped 10-32. I then flooded them with glue again and tapped again. I will use this with various items as hold downs. I can align along side the screws and sometimes just use the screws with a washer for the hold down function. I was going to use thread inserts but then considered their cost and the likely hood of hitting them while cutting and decided to go this way. When they wear the first time I will go to 1/4-20. Then can glue in dowels and start over.

    For the cable routing I decided cable carrier was over kill for the size of this thing, so I split some pvc water pipe. I also got some of the automotive wire covering.(I got 100 feet of this from online for the price of 10 feet at my local hardware store.) Cable ties attach the cover to the Plastic pipe and a single bolt for now attaches the pipe halves to the Y axis.

    The Slot the the small piece of 1/4 ply is a .200 inch slot routed with a .125 single flute bit from Drill Man on Ebay.. The holes on the 2/2 were bored with the same .125 single flute bit and they are counter bored. They holes were actually a test for the brass flanged threaded inserts I was intending to use for the hold downs until I said why that kind of money on a waste board... The penny I just threw on for scale.

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    It's interesting to see another way to create a threaded waste board. I'm curious to see how well it holds up. Sure makes sense!
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    Looks cool,

    I like any and ALL CNC activity - so have fun and post away.

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    Sorry, somehow missed this thread Garry, looks like that thread setup should work well. I'll have to give the superglue trick a try, have a couple of stripped holes on my machine now.

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