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Thread: Are we skipping Friday this week?

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    Are we skipping Friday this week?

    Unless I missed it, it's probably going to be a pretty boring weekend. No one seems to have plans for this weekend.

    I'm going to spend it gardening and Talladega'ing it. Weather is beautiful out.

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    Friday didn't skip me . Working today, shop time Saturday, Sunday is the Virginia City Chili cook-off and beer crawl. Stacey is driving!
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    Focused on making progress on house building. Met draftsman this morning. No on my way to meet with the engineer. Then county health. Then the neighbor. Maybe by Monday some positive progress to report.

    Otherwise, laundry and cleaning this weekend. Yippee. Not.

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    Gonna try and figure out why my newly made table saw sled keeps flunking the five cut test. I've drilled so many new holes it looks like a woodpecker got it. Then, if that works out, I'll square up the cajon parts and try some finger joints.

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    Just need to add roosts and a cleanable floor to the chicken coop, then it gets moved into place and I will work on enclosing the run in fencing.

    Close to done spraying the finish on the 6 dining room chairs, so those should be completed by the end of the weekend.

    And then the shop will be cleared and ready to finish up the project that will not be named.
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    Spending a little time with the Grandson this weekend mostly, but also working on house projects and yard clean-up. Working on getting a vacuum chamber assembled to do some stabilizing, and also working on a sign for a friend...nothing too complicated.

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    Farm work and keeping an eye on the lambing ewes. So far so good.
    More shop organising and working on a "loom-surround demon excluder, v 1.0" details to follow.
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    Well, for the past couple of years since LOML retired, all the days seem to run together!!!

    Mostly taking it easy today. Doing a little study on some CNC software.

    Saturday will be some shop time - CNC, of course, but also need to do some general cleanup. Maybe some pressure-washing of our driveway. Then, ribeyes and corn on the cob for dinner!

    Sunday: What else? Talladega!!!!! Yeah, I'll prepare brunch for us first! How about a slow-cooked pot roast with some potatoes for dinner???
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    Probably watching it rain from the 3 season porch tonight, banging my head on the wall for not mowing last night. Rain in forecast thru mid week! Some shop time between soccer games tomorrow and then shop time most of Sunday hopefully.
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    Looks like the weekend will be mostly spent doing things around the house. Still have plenty unpacking to do, plus I keep finding more and more yardwork projects everywhere I look. It's starting to get warm here, so I may go up on the roof and get the swamp cooler prepped for the summer. The new house has both evaporative cooling and refrigerated air. For the most part, we'l be running the swamper due to the lower operating cost. (And the bonus of added humidity in the house. Not a bad thing when the humidity is in the single digits.)

    Saturday, we've got tickets for great box seats behind home plate at the ABQ Isotopes game against Salt Lake City (in one of the nicest Minor League stadiums in the country). We'll be there with some good friends, so we're looking forward to the time with them as much or more than the game itself.
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