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    Latest Turnings

    The goblet is made from Holly covered in Gold Leaf with Ebony Accent rings, the stem is a triple twist.

    The Shell is actually a lidded box turned from English Sycamore on a Ebony Stand 8" tall.
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    Jerry, you sure do nice work.......

    Do you have a homepage or a gallery or something?

    Is this just a hobby.........or an addiction......

    Boy, I'd love to spend a day in your shop watching and learning, picking your brain............ make that a week

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    G'Day Jerry,

    They are incredible, especially that twist.


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    Those are beautiful Jerry. Nice job.
    Bernie W.

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    Jerry your work is just amazing.Keep us posted so that we can all learn and try to copy some of your work or at least try.

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    Simply AMAZING!

    Keep it up.

    Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, so keep your hands away and watch out!

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    Here are simple instructions to carve a twisted stem.

    1- Look at figure 1 (end view of the stem). Draw cross hairs on both ends
    of the stem, then continue the cross hairs down the length of the stem
    until you connect to the other ends cross hairs.

    2- Measure the diameter of the stem (I used 3/8 inches in the drawing,
    but it can be any diameter). Now using that measurement, devide
    the length of the stem in equal sections of the same measurement.
    See Step 2 in the drawing.

    3- With the long lines drawn down the length of the stem and the sections
    marked off around the stem, you can begin to mark the twist (bine)
    lines. Look at step 3 on the drawing, the dark heavy black lines are
    then drawn to connect each section in a spiral around and down the
    of the entire stem.

    4- The final step in laying out the markings is to draw the cut lines (drawn
    in red) that lay between the 4 spirals that wrap around the entire
    stems length.

    5- Use either fine carbide rasps, round files or 80 grit paper wrapped
    around a small drill bit, to begin to file the twists. Simply follow cutting
    the red lines as you very slowly turn the stem on the lathe by hand.
    You can widen the twist or bine by simply holding the file at a wider
    angle to the cut line.

    Take your time and cut slow, you can use finner grits as you near the
    final form. Make sure to leave at least 1/2 inch at each end of the stem
    uncut (no twist) so you have room to turn a tenon on each end.

    I've so far been able to cut a quadtrupple open twist (center of stem
    is hollow) on a 1/4 diameter stem and place another single twist 1/16
    diameter inside it. "A twist within a twist"

    Good Luck
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    Very nice stuff, Jerry. That little piece of sycamore sure has some nice things going on in the figure. The spiral carving is also very nice. I was hoping your instructions would have some handy trick that made the process easy, but I see there's still a lot of skill and hard work involved. (Man, that rules me out on most things, since I'm lacking both.)

    Great job(s), and thanks for the pics and the further explanation.
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    Jerry, very nice turnings. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    G'Day Jerry

    Thanks for the instructions have stored them away to be digested later.


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