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Thread: Sirius satelite radio music

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    Sirius satelite radio music

    OK so wife's new truck, came with Sirius radio and subscription for 6 months.
    Anyone here use or have a subscription and can comment on its merits.
    Its honestly my first experience with this form of reception and must say its a breath of fresh air to not have commercials. I am going to make another post on the music just to keep issues apart.
    Love to hear of experiences with it from any angle.

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    I've had it a few times, great for trips so you don't lose a radio station, they seem to repeat around every 3 hours so that gets noticed on trips. For me I just connect my phone to the car audio system and play my own music on random, no repeats for days

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    Sirius came with the Sable we bought in 2009 and we purchased a continuation after the 6-month trial. After reviewing the different packages, we chose the Mostly Music package to save a few bucks. It works for us.
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    We have had it for four years and plan on continuing to subscribe, the commercial free aspect is a winner here.
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    I have it and I love it! I rarely listen to anything else.
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    Came with lomls new rig. On long trips it can repeat a bit but then we can switch stations for a break. Sure beats hunting for the closest fuzzy am station out in the middle of nowhere.

    I'm sure I'm misremembering what we pay, but every time the contract comes up we call the cancelation number and get a bit better rate than at the renewal number

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    I had it on my last PU, but I think it was XM radio. They touted no commercials, but they constantly played their own "XM" commercials every few songs, was quite annoying and got rid of it after the free year was up. We did have Sirus on a small portable that had a car dock for my wife, really did enjoy it. Just seemed that you had to try out new stations after a while as the playlists would loop and you'd end up hearing the same songs quite often.

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    I had it for the same 6 month trial, and didn't renew. I only had it in the truck, and for the small amount of time I spent driving it around it just wasn't worth (to me). If I was an over the road driver, I would want it. I though about getting for my shop, but with a computer I can stream other choices for free. I like it, just doesn't fit in with my life. It's especially great where the selection of Over the air radio stations is poor (like where I live).

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    I'd probably get it if I did any kind of driving, but I honestly just don't get out much anymore.

    I get whatever I need from the internet. I generally use my phone to stream whatever I'm listening to, either wifi around the house or 4g when I'm in town.
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    I had a portable XM unit that I listened to primarily for the adult comedy channels, but when XM and Sirius merged, they did away with the channels I liked. They also added commercials, which did not sit well with me.

    Music-wise, it was worthless to be, because I absolutely hate hearing the same playlists over and over, regardless of the genre. I also don't like the narrow categories of music played by each channel. I want to listen to a broad mix of music, not just "Slow Hits from the '80s" or "Theme Songs from Movies Starting with the Letter K", or whatever other classifications they happened to come up with that month.
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