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Thread: Classic Rock vinyl.

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    Classic Rock vinyl.

    So i need to ask what may seem like a totally dumb question to you guys given many of you are way more clued up on music and rocks past than i could ever hope to be.
    Keep in mind i have yet to attend a rock concert.
    So since i was a teenager i have been a Pink Floyd fan.
    I just connected with the lyrics in their songs to me they have stood the test of time as good as any classical composer.
    So i am driving this new truck with the Sirius radio and heck chose to listen to the station called "Classic Rock Vinyl" whats my odds of not one but two Pink Floyd songs being played in the day. One morn and other in late afternoon.
    So here is the crux of what i am asking. This was the first time i have heard the lyrics so clear. To the point where it had me wondering if they were playing the real deal or some alternative or filtering noise or is it possible there is a studio version of a band like Pink Floyd's music.
    Back in the day i coughed up big bucks (think price in African terms for NAD turntable , amp etc and AR speakers and decent vinyl version of Dark Side of Moon had others of their albums but not of same quality.
    Now i am wondering about the difference between the sound i have registered in my memory versus what i was hearing on satellite radio.
    The satellite music was clear as can be but this was supposed to be vinyl. Now i guess they not playing real vinyl but digital versions of the same albums.
    I am trying to sort out how i felt about the benefit.
    Was nice to hear the lyrics clearly but it kind of reminds me of things Vaughn has said over time with regards to being able to reproduce the old valve tube amp sounds versus listening to the same music played through a modern day "supposedly" perfect amp.
    Can any of you rock and music aficionados help me out with understanding what i am experiencing.
    Sound dumb i know but hey no stupid questions as far as i am concerned.
    Was a little like hearing a cover band but not quiet. Is this the "digital" effect or just my ageing ears.

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    Boy Rob, you have a way of rattling loose the memories. I hadn't thought about New Acoustic Dimension gear in 30-odd years. They were quite the darling when the 3020's first came out and scared all the big boys into upping their game. I don't know that the 'Classic Vinyl' name means the source material or the time period of the material so that could explain the lack of ticks and pops.

    I remember the experience of hearing the early digital audio recording at the CES show prior to laser discs. The clarity was almost frightening. It was an eye opener to how much I included the physical and background electronic "noise" as part of the "sound" of a given recording.

    The Yamaha I have today is targeted at home theater and shares the flat, lifeless sound that most of these systems have. Technology is great but, IMHO, cars and sound systems are more fun with raw horsepower. My old 100 watt per channel amps that used to dim the house lights make the 300 watt amps I hear today sound pretty boring.

    I have an old band-mate who can afford whatever he wants and he listens to vinyl . . . a lot. At his point in my life, CD's do great for me although the Yamaha doesn't do near for my Polk speakers what my old gear used to do for them. There is enough variety and opinion to keep this conversation going forever ;-)
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    Anything you hear on satellite radio is very, very likely to be all digital. Pretty much anything you hear over the air these days will be, with the exception of the show on the local Classic Rock station that spins old vinyl for an hour or two each Sunday morning. I think the closest the "Classic Rock Vinyl" show on Sirius comes to vinyl is in its name.

    I suspect what you're hearing is a digitally remastered version of your old favorites. A lot of the old music from decades past has been remixed and remastered, and in some cases the songs do indeed sound different than how we remember them. Part of the remixing process involves a new take on the balance between the various instruments and voices, so it's quite possible the Pink Floyd you heard was a slightly different version than what you heard way back when.
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