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Thread: Anyone in the Seattle area?

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    Anyone in the Seattle area?

    We'll be there for a couple days and would love to find Family folks near by.
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    Bill Satko, please pick up the White Courtesy Phone.
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    Oak Harbor Washington on Whidbey Island
    I live on Whidbey Is. which is actually closer then Bellingham where Bill lives But not by much.

    So what brings you up to Seattle?

    What ever you do Don't & I repeat Don't let Bill know your going to Grizzly because he will sneak up behind you & call you by name just to see you have a coronary or cause you to reach for the sky because you know that you've been caught by the Fuzz for something you didn't know you had done. Like not seeing a no parking sign. Just ask Larry & Bart it's kind of like being Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid & getting caught. In this case we had our hands in the tool box. But we're real mean with cookies too.
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