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Thread: Friday!

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    Enjoying rain here. Happens too seldom so we enjoy it when it happens. A friend just finished a rain catchment system yesterday. It will be interesting to see how well it is working.

    Otherwise, the normal weekend stuff needs to happen. Nothing new on the house. Getting ready to head out to Denver for all of next week. Continuing education.

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    Been so long since I posted to a Friday thread! Shame on me.

    I've gone back to work and now put in three 10 days, mon, tues, wed. This leaves me a 4 day weekend each week. I know that sounds great, but it's a lot less time than I had become used to. Getting out into the shop has been hard to fit in although I do have two small projects I am doing for customers and I am soon to start building some inventory for a possible crafts booth this summer. This weekend will be spent just catching up on all the little chores that have fallen by the wayside over the past two months that I have been back to work.
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    Friday: Finished spraying wicker furniture for our next-door neighbor. It was looking kinda tired and she was going to get some rattle cans and spray it. She didn't have any issue with me volunteering to use a real spray gun to do the job. The rest of the day will be a bit of shop time and yard work.

    Saturday: Some shop time, then the NASCAR Kansas race.

    Sunday: Smoker time!!! I've got three slabs of pork spare ribs I'll trim to St. Louis cut, then marinate them overnight. Also have a Boston butt to toss in this time. We'll finish off the run with some chicken breasts.
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    Officially on vacation. Today off to Seattle, Sunday on the boat to Alaska. A good friend from work is also there, arrived yesterday, so we plan on introducing Seattle to the Nevada way of Brew pubing Saturday.
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    Going to Newport R.I. to see the Volvo World Race boats tomorrow

    Sunday - working on signs - might start installing A/C units in the windows

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    The girl's school track meet is this afternoon and then family movie night tonight...

    shop time in the morning and then soccer in the afternoon., spending time on the patio, maybe a bonfire Saturday evening.

    Picking my parents up at the airport on Sunday after a long cruise they took from Miami to San Francisco thru the Panama Canal...can't wait to hear about it and see all the pics they took.
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    Resting tonight hopefully, had to run the grandson to the ER last night. Woke up screaming and having some seizure symptoms early in the morning, seizures stopped after his fever came down some. Found he had an ear infection, so got him some antibiotics for that. He's doing better.

    Hopefully getting some shop time in this weekend, but need to get some stuff put away in the office and clean up the house some. Mowing is on the agenda, if the rain lets up also.

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    Darren u not the only one that was up last night.
    Went to gym yesterday evening and oh boy suffered for it through the night. When will i learn!!!
    With a bit of luck i plan on redo for my smoker temp controller setup. Will be rewiring whole thing in new box and adding additional temp controller as well as proper panel mount wire and connectors for temp probes. Want to be able to smoke some ribs this week as oldest son is coming for visit from Nova Scotia.
    Hope nothing else gets in way and i can find all the bits and pieces i ordered for the upgrade.

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    My wife's out of town for a while (housesitting for a friend), so Sunny (the dog) and I will be be in par-tay! mode all weekend, lol. Getting the house cleaned up for the anticipated 500-600 people who'll be coming over tonight. (That's not including the dancin' girls and that cute little French poodle my man Sunny has had his eye on.)

    Actually, I'll be spending the weekend doing various chores around the house, adding a new Input/Output panel to my guitar rig rack case, adding up a new pedal to the MIDI foot controller, and playing around with a new (to me) Telecaster that Brown is delivering today. Probably gonna get loud around here before it's all over.
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    final 40 sheets of 12 by four drywall goes in tomorrow then Monday Electrician and hopefully Tuesday we get the duct work put in for a spray booth and the strip in room. but tomorrow morning I'm heading to Turkey Wood I've got two weekends left to get a bird. getting excited about the shop though, but I'm also running out of money very special it's a big juggling act.
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