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Thread: Tapatalk app lesson learned

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    Tapatalk app lesson learned

    So i thought i would share this experience in the event some of you have done the same and think you going crazy I know i did. In fact it started to get me quiet worried and i was beginning to think i was loosing my marbles seriously.

    So if you use the app on a smart phone, and you reply to a thread you may find if you do not hit the arrow button at the end of the area where you type your post in that your post does not appear when you next look at the thread. This is the "submit button" and its not as if i did not know this.

    However its become apparent to me that in my haste or distraction by something else i have so many times not hit the submit button. Case in point that finally proved it to me was Dans thread on his latest commission. I think i commented several times on that thread and then when Dan posted the finished item i came realize not one of my posts was there.

    Sounds dumb yeah my bad but something silly like this can have one thinking you going over the edge if you don't check the issue somehow. I am seriously not looking forward to this memory loss characteristic that happens to us humans as we get older. Thats what i am blaming it on however in this case it started driving me crazy. Have a laugh on me. just dont fall for the same mistake.

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    I think I've done that a few times myself Rob, so don't chalk it up to being just you.

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