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    quilt rack

    My Mom passed a year ago April 23rd. She was an avid crocheter. She had gobs of yarn and thread in several places. We were going through a chest I made her several years ago last Summer that she had stuffed with all kinds of thread. In the bottom was a quilt top that she had finished at some point, but never quilted.

    One of my daughter's teachers is an avid quilter. My daughter mentioned around the first of school that we found the top to her. She told my daughter if we would get the stuff to finish it she would quilt it for us. Last week she gave it to my daughter and it's beautiful! I told my daughter to find out how much we owed her, but she wouldn't take any money. I decided to make her a quilt rack to repay her. Thanks to Charles Neil and his Shenandoah Valley Quilt Rack plans. I got it assembled and the first coat of finish applied. I made the legs from some spalted maple and the cross members from regular maple. The pictures don't do it justice.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice John, love the spalted maple, Well done.
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    Great job, John. You always have some nice maple.
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    Wow, That's a beautiful piece of art. Should really set off nicely any quilt lucky enough to be paired with it.
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    Beautiful!! I love the organic lines and killer wood.

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    Yowzah! Great material and sweet lines. LOML has been after one of these for awhile. I am not letting her see this ;-)
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    Very nice
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    Fantastic piece and great spalled maple for sure. Nice payment

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