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Thread: it's nice to have skills

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    it's nice to have skills

    Besides finishing , some carpentry, no electical buti can mud drywall and work that painter pole and brush.
    All the drywall is up and mudded. Front office and art room is painted , one coat on the work room , tomorrow ill get the spray booth and stripping rooms painted. The place is looking sharp.
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    Way to go, Dave! You got game

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    Good to hear that the new shop is coming together.
    I'm supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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    Taping/mudding drywall and having it look nice is an art. I know my limits, when I built my house that was one of the few things I hired done. I knew it would take me months, the guy I hired had the whole house done in less then 3 days.
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    Good to hear the progress. Though I'm happy to hire out the drywall work, I have a hard time doing it or not going back behind them and touching it up anyway. Did it for too many years to ignore crappy work.

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    Skillz is good.
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    Good news Dave. Glad to hear its getting near the end.
    You now need to have Jarrod start planning and inviting past customers for a grand opening relaunch if the business in the new
    Have a nice good quality invitation made up and sent out, put up a display of your own art in the shop for a cocktail or cheese and wine evening, get someone with more than a cell phone to take some pics of the new premises, get it out on Facebook and send to local community press business news offices. Bill the whole thing as a expansion (not recovery from fire) to accommodate growing demand. Even if u don't have a single client show up rent a crowd of friends and family to have some people in the pics.
    Sending out a successful launch newsletter after too.
    You need to use this mechanism to let past clients know and see your nee location and revamped facilities geared to better serve their growing needs.
    Must do the marketing. This is an opportunity to turn the negatives of the fire into a bonus. But wont happen without the spin and communication.
    Keep the fire part out of it that can be seen as a negative. Play on all the positives.
    Use your art and any refinished or reno furniture on the evening to show off your restoration and art skills and capabilities, even get some posters made of past work to hang like all the gilding u did on that interior huge mirror and wall.
    Make sure to have some appropriate light music playing heck i can see the business rolling in my friend, there is no doubt about the capability of yourself and sons and the shop but it cannot be the best kept secret in Maryland. Just my 2 cents marketing man speaking.

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    You go Dave. A lot of work but, its paying off.
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    Dave that is wonderful news. I wish you the best; your skills deserve the best.

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