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Thread: New truck arrived

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    New truck arrived

    Talked about and now the madams new truck is here.
    Proof is in the pics. This baby is powerful more powerful than my Jeep V8 Hemi and its only 3.5 V6 of course with the turbos.
    Hit the gas pedal and u almost get whiplash.
    Could do with better seats. This is only an XLT.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Love the tow mirrors i think towing travel trailer will in future be a whole new story and way more pleasurable.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Already replaced supplied carpet mats with Husky custom fit ones both across front and full rear.
    We also got aftermarket Linex installed in box. Thanks to family here input. Its great.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    One other neat feature is the rear view camera although i do wish i had also added the bumper sensors i am used to on the Jeep.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As a techie i am not impressed with the lens on this camera it blurs the picture (plastic). Given what we already have on cameras on mobile phones they could have put a better lens in there. Its real cheap.

    The feature is neat for lining up tow hitch though. Can hit it bang on every time now. When one gets close they have a magnify button that changes the view and looks straight down at hitch area.
    Also has a grid line to guide you.

    Have ordered running boards from a company in US and a bed cover that is easily removable. Three piece solid fold by Extang it does not have railings.

    All in all so far we happy with it but its early days.

    Oh and of course life would not be normal if one of the big software houses did not get in on the act so Ford has done some sort of deal with Microsoft for the Sync Os system for vehicles and its used for bluetooth coms to your phone down to loading your phonebook into the car and even checking txt messages. I would not be me if i were to say i was happy with this feature...NOT!!!
    Do like the bluetooth ability to play own music without wires. My Jeep does not have that feature so tech in cars has moved on substantially since 2006. Lol.

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    Very nice Rob! That's a great looking vehicle!
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    WOW! Nice looking truck, Rob. It took some getting used to, but that camera really helps. Easy to back into parking spaces now and the warning beeper when you get close to an object is nice.

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    Very nice. One like that would be my choice.
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    Nice looking truck, will be interested in a review down the road to see what your thoughts are.

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    Great looking truck! Same colour as my Ranger, btw.

    RE: The camera...The one on my Subaru clouds up from road spray every time there's even a slight mist in the air. We keep a microfiber rag in the car so it can be wiped off frequently.
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    Beautiful truck!
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    F150? NIce looking truck. I find my Ranger very comfortable. It does have a bigger engine than yours, though.

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    Nice ride Rob.

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    Great-looking ride, Rob.
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