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Thread: Kreg - Great customer Service

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    Kreg - Great customer Service

    I had an opportunity to pick up a Kreg Portable Drill Guide Base and a standard Drill Guide Block. I really just wanted the base for my Micro Drill Guide Block but, landed a deal. Low and behold the Drill Guide Block did not have the marks cast into the side that you register with the base to help in setting depth/material thickness. I have always used the mini and some other "loose" jig so I am well versed in setting the depth without the full jig and stops however, it seemed odd so I dropped Kreg a line.

    I got a response the same day stating that they would be sending me a new block and that they were sorry for any inconvenience, blah, blah, etc. etc. You can't really ask for more than that but, I just got another email letting me know that the guide had shipped, when to expect it and was there anything else they could do to make me happy!?! As always, I like to share when a company does well. Its much more satisfying than grousing when they do poorly ;-)
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    Great news Glenn nice to hear Kreg stand behind and service their product. Sure has them stand out from the others we whine about.

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    Love my kreg jig, good to hear a good story about Customer Service for a change!
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    When I bought their bandsaw fence, I found the clamp knob to be a knuckle buster. Contacted them and had a lengthy conversation about alternatives (turns out there were none for good reasons), but I was impressed they would even talk to me (they called me) about it. I really do like the company.

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