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Thread: Ridgid 18 Volt?????

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    Ridgid 18 Volt?????

    I recently purchased some Ridgid 18 volt tools, specifically a hammer drill, jigsaw, and a trim saw. Also got 3 batteries and a charger. Got a helluva a deal on them( all of this for 189.00 plus shipping ) so I thought I would give them a try. I am curious what you guys out there in mega experience land think of them.




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    Sorry, I can't help you with you question. Besides a few pipe wrenches, the only Ridgid tool I have is the 6 1/8in joiner.

    That said, if the set you bought has the life-time warranty for everything (Batteries too) it is probably a pretty good deal.

    Quick question: What is the blade size on the trim saw?
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    Hi Phillip,

    I'll say this about that Ridgid 18v.drill. When it can no longer turn the bolt, let the darn thing go!!!!
    As long as that trigger is pulled it is GOING to turn SOMETHING!
    The only thing left to turn is your arm, it will break your wrist in a heartbeat.
    I started out using it to put the lag bolts in my lumber rack. After managing to swell my hand up twice its normal size, I switched to air and a small impact wrench.
    I'm not happy with the batteries, although they work well when they are working, they have to be replaced too often. I have replaced mine once and already have one more dead one that won't take a charge.


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    I've had mine for over 3 years, and no problems with the batteries. Recharge faster than I can use up the one in the drill...that keeps me going.
    But Don's right about the torque. When I was researching cordless drills, the Ridgid had one of the highest torques, if not the highest. I used it lightly until I built the fence here at the current house 3 years ago. I thought my Makita corded drill would be best for driving 3/8" lags in 2X4 stringers. Even drilling a pilot hole, no dice. The Ridgid did it with no sweat even without a pilot hole. Sold me. Got the 12V X2 when they were on sale for 70 bucks. It does a good job itself, but nowhere near the torque of the 18, as should be the case. Jim.
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    The blade is a 6 1/2".



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    Any drill, or power wrench, that catches will twist. Even olde fashioned corded ones. Doesn't the Rigid have an adjustment for this on the chuck?
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    hi phillip

    i have the ridgid 18 volt set ....circ saw, recip saw, drill driver, flashlight, charger, three batteries ....... no regrets whatsoever . i am not a pro , but i have done some serious work with the set . i got mine about 4 years ago before they did away (temporarily) with the lifetime warranty (batteries too) i am very happy with it ..... i passed on a dewalt set for this one just for the lifetime warranty
    what are you building today ??


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    I also bought a set a few years ago. drill, circular saw sabre saw and flashlight. I have bought 2 extra batteries at Home Despot which has a good price @ $40 for 2. I had to do this because I left 2 out in the rain which is hard on them. I also got an extra drill on their clearance table for $25 a month or 2 ago. I'm always having to hunt for mine 'cause the boys are always stealing it from the workshop. The drill is awesome. I also know some construction/carpenter types who have switched over from other brands because of their reliability.

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