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Thread: It's Friday! 5/15/2015 Edition

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    It's Friday! 5/15/2015 Edition

    TGIF!!! Looks like lots of rain for us this weekend, but going to try and get my pool opened. Hoping to finish up the other high chair table. Also hope to finish cleaning up the back yard and get some more mulch.

    What's on everyone else's plate?

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    The girl's school carnival tonight, usually pretty fun. Tomorrow we have soccer in the morning and then my dad and I are going to the local woodturner's meeting in the afternoon. Sunday will be shop day most of the day. Have some bowls and cutting boards to finish up for a show I'm doing on the 30th.
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    Just finished up putting the finish on 6 chairs, got the new canister filter on the dust collector.

    Welp, Nothing stopping me now...
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    Sign work - both design and fabrication

    Also - working on my machine cabinet a little. I rearranged it a little so I could feed through, not I need to work on the controls.

    I got my new pendant and I need to fine tune it to suit my fancy

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    try to get some shop time in. planing the board for the state fair clock, figure out my goofy cnc machine...
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    Shop time for me FINALLY!!! This weekend is making a wooden floor bed for a 1958 Chevy pickup, a barter job for some walnut to add to my stash

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    I'm getting on a plane bound for chicago in a couple hours. The trip coincides with the Amana, IA Handworks tool show ( and the H.O. Studley toolchest is on display nearby ( so we'll be doing that all day tomorrow.

    The rest of the trip was planned to be a "History of the blues" kind of tour all around chicago. With today's news of B.B. King's death, this trip just got a whole WHOLE lot more special for me.
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    Gardening, yard work and maybe playing with the finger joint jig.

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    Some yardwork, and maybe some messing about on the lathe. Gotta build a dogshed, too. May need it for a hideout.

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    Sitting out Friday and Saturday turkey hunting in Va. Then it's back to full shop.
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