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Thread: I've gone international again

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    I've gone international again

    I have several pieces that I've shipped to various international destinations, but yesterday I had a couple of visitors from Japan that picked up a bowl and gave me a credit card out Tokyo... wasn't sure if my CC service would handle an international card, but no issues.... At the last minute as I was packing after the show another couple rushed in and wanted to see some pieces... they were in the process of packing for China for a work assignment and wanted to take some gifts to associates there... even though it threw me an hour and half late in packing and loading out, I unpacked a couple of boxes for them and wound up selling a few pieces for them to take to China.... fully 1/3 of the sales for the day was their last minute pick ups.... wound up the best day of sales so far this season and better than any one day the last couple of years.

    We had the International Biscuit Festival in Knoxville set up just a block away from the Market Square Farmer's Market... several of the regular vendors figured the festival would hurt Market sales, but had the opposite effect... I had people in my booth all day shopping to the point I didn't get to finish my lunch before closing time. Also made me stand the entire day...since I can't sit in my chair and comfortably talk to people...
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    Good deal Chuck! Sometimes those last minute sales make the show. I'm betting you're ready for a nice day off after that.

    Also why haven't I ever heard of the biscuit fest before - mmmm I'd have had a hard time staying in my booth if I'd been next door!

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    Well congrats on the sales and promoting good international relations,,,, but oh, ya the biscuit fest... biscuits, I love biscuits!!
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    That is FANTASTIC Chuck - Congrats on the great sales

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    Hey Chuck! That's WONDERFUL! I agree with the other guys---As long as the biscuits are gluten free.

    It is always nice to hear that something is going right for a member.


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    Congrats on the productive show, Chuck.

    Jim, this is gluten free...

    Bacon Fest

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