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Thread: portable work shop

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    portable work shop

    interesting idea but i don't think it will fly.

    i did not notice that the end of this is an add offering a good deal that seems to good to believe. like any think if it is too good to believe then it probably is. the only reason i posted this is i saw this unit advertised for $599.99. anyhow just offering up the idea for discussion. i think if i lived in a tiny apartment or if i wanted something for a motor home it might not be a bad idea but i think it would lack ppwer and precision for any real big projects.
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    I think your assessment is right, Don. I've seen a few of my non-woodworking Facebook friends talking about how cool this system looks, but everything about it looks to me like it's underpowered and not nearly robust enough to do accurate work. I think it'd be a big let-down for anyone who's trying to work within any tolerance smaller than about 1/8". The "drill press" attachment alone looks about as flexible as a Russian gymnast.
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    I think most of the folks on forums like this have a different viewpoint than the average Joe. That being said, the thing looks rickety, even in the commercial. Despite the repeated sound of that solid "click" sound effect if the setup is that wobbly in the commercial, I can only imagine real life but, I'm a skeptic.
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    This system will find a place in the market for sure...... at a flea market and garage sale in a couple of years
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    What kind of ad is that, anyway? There wasn't any "BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE."

    Interesting that they chose "Festool Green" as their color.
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    I don't see them cutting anything substantial with it. The colour makes me think it may be made by the same manufacturer as Ryobi. I have a few Ryobi tools, and I'm quite happy with them, but I can't see myself putting even my Makita circular saw into a tabletop and calling it a table saw. Besides, what good is a multi-tool system without a lathe?

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    Interesting, but to me, appears to be way overpriced for what is basically a 'toy'.
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    You took the words out of my mouth Brent, that looks to me like a toy tool, the only one that it may work more or less decently could be the drill (not the stand) and even then I have my doubts.
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    I really wanted to come back and offer up a different perspective


    I cannot - it's junk

    I don't know the selling price, but, it's not worth it.

    I bought a Ryobi tool set with many of the same things in it.

    The circular trim saw is really handy - maybe 2-3 1x4 pine cross cuts - then it's dead.

    forget the light

    the drill will work - but that is it.

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