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Thread: Resources for carving knives and axes used for spoon or bowl carving

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    Resources for carving knives and axes used for spoon or bowl carving

    Well my thanks go out to Ryan Mooney for a whole world of resources for carving knives and other carving info he generously opened up to me. I felt compelled to share these with all of you because these are mostly truly dedicated small business/shop guys that don't get a look see when the branded guys get going with their marketing machine.

    Some of you might know of these guys if so give them a plug if you have purchased from them because i am on the hunt for more tools and it would help me with making decisions if you have had a personal experience with any of them.

    Thanks Ryan

    Check out this guys how its made video he takes you through the whole process of making a knife blade suitable for carving. Just a side note, at the prices he charges for blade only, its hardly worth even considering trying to make your own unless you really just want to experience the process and see how well you can do it. After watching his video i decided heck as much as i desperately want to experience making a decent blade myself, i would much sooner get on with carving ( a few spoons this time round).

    Here is one i found myself ( dont laugh i do get somethings right on my own)

    For North America here is one Canadian source i found for the Mora knives both straight and crooked or hook whichever you prefer to call it.

    For a carving axe there is a range of swedish axes available at LV which is where i think i will be obtaining mine given they just down the road from me.,41131,130

    So far the one i have my eyes on is the Gransfors Swedish Carving axe.

    Some more about various axes and how to look after them.

    If you have other sources for this type of tool please add to the list.

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    Woodcarving is a hugely popular avocation. I used to belong to a club but quit when I learned I don't have the artistry in me to make anything that looks like what it is supposed to look like what it is. I still have my tools. Including a spoon carving chisle never used. May have to try again.
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    Spoons don't have to be that artsy so please do give it a go. There are plenty of fantastic functional spoons to be made and they're really kind of addictive once you get the knack down - easier to find homes for than the burgeoning piles of bowls as well...

    A couple more small shops:

    John Switzer at has been branching out into more woodworking tools as well, he recently did a pretty decent looking (from pictures) set of bolstered chisels and I think would be willing to do some commissioned work. The axes he has one his page look pretty decent as well (and I'm betting he'd tune it to your taste if needed). will do custom work - mostly does custom work, I'm not sure on his prices - likely depends on what you want But if you can't find it somewhere else that seems like a reasonable option.

    I only know of these two from internet posts and pictures of their work, nothing first hand.

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    This is a great thread, Rob. I really enjoyed the video.
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    Lest we forget our non North American compatriots here are some more suppliers from other parts of the world. This is mostly from who also has some interesting green wood carving articles in his blog.



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