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Thread: scary surprise

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    scary surprise

    When we first moved into our house five years ago we had many thousands of wasps flying around. We used Raid in large quantities and I am still searching out nests and spraying them. Wasp problem is now only a tiny fraction of what it was then. But, a couple days ago, I noticed large wasp nest in the garage. Got the Raid and zapped it. Then got a stick and knocked it down. Pretty big, about softball size. I had squirted this nest many times in the past and wanted to get rid of it even though I had killed it with Raid. When I picked it up, it started vibrating. Uh-Oh! Immediately tossed in a trash can and covered then squirted again. Those buggers are tough.
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    Yikes, would've thought that several squirts of RAID would get to them.

    Guess I was wrong.

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