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Thread: New way to make a post with pictures

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    New way to make a post with pictures

    So i have now come up with a new easier way to make a post with pictures.

    Here is what i do.

    Take the pics with your mobile phone and then upload them via tapatalk forum app.

    Tapatalk is going to screw up the loading of pics in your post but it will rapidly upload the pics direct from your saved gallery of mobile pics. ( dont know when they going to fix this problem not that i care anymore).

    Then log into the forum via a computer browser and you have a full keyboard to be able to type old school and edit the post. Make sure to go to the advanced section then what i do is delete the inserted tapatalk pics which will all be a single pic that it got wrong, but the rest of the pics are all there and you can now insert them using manage pics button.

    So you then go ahead type your post and as you proceed insert the pics you want.

    It sure shortens the heck out of getting pics of decent size uploaded and less fuss too. Makes for easier typing on a computer keyboard which i find quicker and less error prone and easier on the eyes.

    Hope this helps get more pics loaded and people posting more.

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    I haven't been able to teach my phone to tapatalk yet it's still learning to just talk a talk but then thats what I purchased it to do. I just use Irfanview size to 640x480 & it's ready to up load to the forum.
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    I thought the forum software would resize the pic for you? Seems that came up a Burning Wood. But it's also likely that my head was in the beer fridge.
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