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Thread: Yonica Rquter Bits

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    Yonica Rquter Bits

    Those of us who live on a fixed income probably have noticed that router bit prices have gone the way of food prices, that is out of sight. Then I read about Yonica bits whose prices are way below the Whiteside, Freud etc bits. My question is has anybody had any experience with Yonica bits? I'm just a hobbyist, no commercial work done here.


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    The MLCS bits are still pretty reasonable (< $45 for a good 15 piece set), and are a fairly well proven commodity as inexpensive bits go. Considering the speeds that bits spin at, and the fact that I've seen a piece of carbide come off a cheap bit and embed itself in a well, I don't recommend messing with the lowest cost supplier for router bits. Grizzly sometimes has some good sale prices on their purple line. I'd like into those two first.
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    I've got a couple of them...they've worked great with the limited use I've given them.
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    I have had consistently good luck with Woodline as inexpensive bits. In fact, for several years they were the provider of Freud 1/4 inch solid carbide cutters, at about half the price. They don't last as long as Whiteside, which I still buy for a few heavily used bits, but they are great for normal use.
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    I just Googled "yonica router bits" and found quite a few reviews and customer comments.
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    +1 for MLCS router bits.
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    I got a Yonica Bullnose bit from Amazon. I was not expecting much from the price. It has turned out to be quite durable. I have cut a bunch of hard maple with it and it is still quite sharp. Well balanced also.

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