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Thread: Burr Oak Tree

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    Burr Oak Tree

    Last fall our BIG burr oak tree behind the garage started loosing leaves way to early...Not a good sign. Well no leaves arrived this spring so it was time to cut it down. A wind storm a few weeks ago sent a limb down between our garage and our neighbors clipping our gutters and leaving a small was time to cut it down NOW. Tree company came on Friday around noon worked about 6pm and then came back around noon on Saturday and finished up by 4pm. Not sure why they didn't just start earlier on Friday?? Anyway, I wanted to grab some more, but don't have anywhere to put it or cut anything bigger for that matter. As you can see in the last 2 pics, I'm now flush with bowl material and firewood for the coming winter, maybe the next one depending on when I start splitting it. As you can see, now it's time for a new fence too!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20150520_181509.jpg   20150520_181534.jpg   20150522_200634.jpg   20150523_170306.jpg   IMG_20150523_170510.jpg  

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    Jeff that spalted piece looks really good as long as it's not to soft.

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