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Thread: Oak Bowl

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    Oak Bowl

    I like the colors and grain patterns in live oak. This bowl is no exception. There was a crack in the base area of the bowl that I turned until it was gone. Too much of a crack to try and make look nice. The bowl is 13 1/4" in diameter, 2 1/4" high, and 1 1/2" deep, Perfect size for somebody, though I don't know who that somebody is. Yet. I will when they buy it. Even though I have a fair amount of oak on my land, I don't turn a lot of it as it is not a hot seller for some reason. I put a ring bottom on it because it seemed like the thing to do. The wood received two coats of walnut oil to seal the wood and give a base finish and then several coats while spinning a walnut oil/shellac mixture.

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    That thing looks tough enough to take on Ironman! Nothing wrong with oak...plenty good from here.
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    good job Dave. I think i'm one of the few that likes oak. At least oak burl .

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    Thanks, guys! It was tuff enuff (there's even a Fabulous Thunderbirds song by that name) where 90% was done with my 3/4" and 5/8" gouges. Only the last finishing passes were done with a 1/2". Of course I always start with the largest gouge possible and work my way down. Easier on the arthritis that way. I have an annual fair coming the first weekend in December and I plan on having several oak pieces ready for that. Why not? I figger if it starts selling I'll just pull more out from a tote bin.

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    Good looking bowl. Pretty wood is pretty wood. I'll turn anything with decent figure and have found some really nice spalted oak on occasion.

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    Nicely done, Dave.
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    I like it - it has a bit of a "Viking M&M Bowl" feel. Robust in a refined sort of way (if that makes sense - the wood/grain is robust, the form refined).

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