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Thread: one more bowl and pitcher.:(

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    one more bowl and pitcher.:(

    Figured ya all are about as tired of these things as i am. Just seems like everyone i know wants them. Well i told my self ( self no more of these for at least one year) Maple burl, About 12 x 3 1/2, or the best i can remember.(bowl) pitcher is about 5 1/2 at fattest, and about 7 tall. Little bit of purple added for contrast. See Vaughn i'm not all anti purple. Thanks as always.
    SteveClick image for larger version. 

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    That's a beautiful set. It will be treasured.

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    Love that purple it really makes the grain on the bottom pop and adds an interesting shadow effect to the bottom of the bowl. The rest of the burl is pretty stunning as well!

    I dunno Stephen, I don't think I'm tired of them yet - but it does look like you have them down pretty well pat, each is arguably nicer than the last!

    I'm reminded a bit of my cousin carving his Nth owl saying "owls! Why does everyone want owls!?! I'm sick of owls!" (actually he was a bit more pithy than that but the sentiment was the same).

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    How can one get tired of those another great set Steve, WELL DONE

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    I'm not tired of them purdy thingies! Those are stunning and anybody who doesn't like them is a commie!!!
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    Never tire of the purdy stuff, gonna bum me out if I have to wait a year to see another one ...............
    The perception of perfection is perfectly clear to everyone else

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    Another one for the gallery! Great use of dye...but JMHO...didn't need any sprucing up . Hard to get tired of amazing!
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    Yawn...another one of these, huh?

    Awesome work, Steve!
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    Ryan i totally under stand where he's coming from, as that's how i feel about these. Dave that last comment cracked me up. Tom believe me like every thing we do. In bed by 9, up at 3, get home at 5:30, eat get on this thing for a bit and do it all over again the next day. Gets boring as heck. Ken i gess you might as well get ready to be bummed. Jim if i put these things in a gallery around here, they would want me to make more and more of the same thing, and i'd go crazier than i all ready am. And yea Vaughn just another one of these things. Ted thanks.

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    Holy molly that is the other side of awesome. I do not see how you can tire of making something so beautiful. Very very fine!
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