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Thread: Friday May 29 2015 - What's Going On This Weekend?

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    Friday May 29 2015 - What's Going On This Weekend?

    What's the haps, people? Got anything good going on this weekend?

    Me, I'm going to be trying to free up some space in the shop-to-be by having a garage sale. We've got far too much stuff, so we're going to see if we can get people to pay us money to haul it away.

    Aside from that, no big plans here. How about you?
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    For me - it was Friday - every day - this week.

    I finished the ARK sign

    I did some major renovation to my router cabinet.
    I will have 6 on off switches to control 6 independent functions like lights, main power to the control box, vacuum, hi intensity lights and spares to be added later.

    I really needed to renovate to allow me to do more serious tiling on my machine, and to get things under better control.

    I also did more design work on the Tattoo sign. That is in high gear now.

    Saturday - I will deliver the ARK to New Hampshire.

    Sunday - finish design on the Tattoo sign

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    Tonight I'm packing the car...tomorrow early rise to an outdoor art/craft show I'm have a booth at, 9-4pm...then libations!!! Sunday unpack and start cleaning the shop....again.
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    For me, what else??? Mostly CNC-related playing around. I received some components in the mail today to add more functionality to my machine. I'm running a plaque right now - a first. If it turns out decent, I'll post it in a day or two.

    Saturday will be some yard work and some shop time. Not sure exactly what I'll be doing in the shop except it'll be something related to CNC!

    Sunday, we'll be packing to make the drive to Texas for my granddaughter's HS graduation. A week later, it'll be three of us heading back from out yonder, since granddaughter wants to spend the Summer with us. She's 19 and we're, well, older than 19 so were surprised when she asked to stay with us.
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    Engagement dinner tonight, wedding tomorrow evening , relaxing on Sunday.
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    Enjoying the nice weather with a little yard work, a lot of garden work....and maybe the first Mojito of the season.

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    Need to get the pool setup, Got some woodworking to do, but First,

    Jim is coming over and we're going to do a brew day. I'm planning on doing 3 batches and Jim is doing 1. That should be fun.
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    Memorial day parade in town this evening. I was supposed to walk with the Lions Club but my back is killing me still. Taking 2 grand daughters to their softball games sat morning then working on the 4th of july float for the Lions Club.
    Sunday church then some relaxing.
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    Well the heat has arrived here so we'll see what the shop looks like in that regard. Need to catch up on some housework anyway, the place looks like a tornado lives here.

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    Spent the day with my youngest and grandson shopping for a new car for her, transmission was slipping in her old one. Feeling proud, 1) got her first new car, 2) I didn't have to co-sign for it.

    Looks like we're getting the HVAC replaced next week, just in time for some warmer days that are coming up. I've got some work to do in preparation, removing a ceiling in our laundry/furnace room, removing an overgrown evergreen by the old condenser, and pouring a concrete pad for the new one. Also have to move a couple of storage shelves and open up the wall for some new ducts. Going to also re-do the main power feed to my shop as it wasn't done correctly when routed to the panel at the house.

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