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Thread: Another good use of bar clamps...

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    Another good use of bar clamps...

    So my wheel barrel had sat with some left over concrete bags in it over the winter. The tire has always had a slow, slow leak on it, and I found it not only flat, but popped off it's rim this time. It's a tubeless tire, so in order to use it I had to get the tire seated back on the rim. Usually I'll pull the schrader valve and give it a quick blast of air while squeezing in on two sides of the tire, but that wasn't doing the trick this time. After about 20 minutes of trying this over and over I had just about resolved myself to removing the tire to work on it or just go get another as I had concrete that needed mixing.

    The over winter sitting had left the tire with a crease on one side and I simply didn't have enough hands to squeeze it in all directions and give it a blast of air at the same time. I got the idea to try this, and bam! it worked!

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    What I've done in the past is to take a piece of rope, tie it around the tire, then put a stick under the rope and start twisting the stick around the rope to tighten the rope up all around the tire.

    And then there are the guys that spray a shot of starting fluid in the tire and lite it on fire.
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    I always use one of those ratchet strap tie downs.

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    Sheer genius! I've never had this problem, but when I do...

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    Good idea. I've been replacing all of my intermittent use tires with run flats cause I got sick of dealing with them. But still have a few left that ain't so may have to borrow this once those tools roll out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    ...And then there are the guys that spray a shot of starting fluid in the tire and lite it on fire.
    Way to steal my suggestion, buddy!

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    Great idea - something about those small tires - they all seem to leak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    I always use one of those ratchet strap tie downs.
    That's what I use, too. I have resorted to Brent's 'rope trick' once or twice, too.
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    I have also used my belt in place of rope. It is always handy and the belt buckle serves as comes long. Won't work if you have small waist.
    Just saying.

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