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Thread: Latest Turning

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    Latest Turning

    Here is a maple bowl sanded to 320 then beal buff with wax.The grain was so nice and the bark inclusions so many I couldn't waste this one .It measures 12"x 3 1/2".

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bowls 002 (550 x 413).jpg   Bowls 003 (550 x 413).jpg   Bowls 004 (550 x 413).jpg   Bowls 005 (550 x 413).jpg   Bowls 006 (550 x 413).jpg  

    Bowls 008 (550 x 413).jpg  

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    Ken, that is a wonderful piece of maple. Great bowl.

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    Ken, where do you keep finding these gorgeous pieces of maple? This stuff doesn't grow on trees, ya know? Oh wait...I guess it does.

    Great job. Looks like you nailed the's very even. It'll make an excellent fruit bowl.
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    Ken it is beautiful. I really like the wood and finish. Nice job.
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    G'Day Ken

    Very nice bowl and wood thanks for sharing.


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    Ken that his really nice!

    Like me, you pics are not the best(not a hit, just an observation), but man, it don't really matter in this case, as the beauty of the wood and the form shine through!!

    I like the bottom treatment too.

    We should get someone who takes nice pics to post a "How to" thing on taking them.....

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