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Thread: My first carved spoon WIP

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    My first carved spoon WIP

    Well got the bug and this past weekend my hands just took over and i got going and could not stop.
    Was really great.
    Wood is really hard but sharp tools make for great cuts.
    Wood is a slab of hard maple. Cut a blank using bandsaw and then went to work with a variety of handtools.
    Still a work in process so long way to go but i encourage you all to give it a try. Its addictive.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry pics not the best when further ahead will try for better.
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    Looking Good Rob!
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    Very cool, Rob! I can't imagine my first (or second or third...) try looking that good.
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    Looks like fun, you've got me thinking again and as any fish'll tell you that ain't good

    Interesting design, what's the plan for the mini spoon at the end of the handle?

    I'm now thinking of a set of two ended measuring spoons.... Hmm..

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    Nice work, Rob! Are you using a Scorp for the spoonbowl? Cherry would have been my first choice, then Basswood!
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
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    Thanks guys.

    No scorp Mack might have been had LV had any in stock. ....just my pfeil carving chisels and spokeshaves. Those pfeil tools are amazing in their ability to cut and hold a sharp edge.
    Mack i love Maple been that way for as long as i could remember. What i never knew until last year was anything about rock maple, then Century Mill had a deal on some shorts and whilst it truly is rock hard, amazingly so to me, i love the way it cuts and the finish left when cut with a sharp tool. also pieces i have had have been white as snow.

    Ryan, i did not really spend any time on the design, decided if i did procrastination would set in, so i just went at it lol. My main focus was the instruction i got from Linda that it was not to look like a purchased wooden spoon with a round straight shaft type handle.
    Initially the end bit was flat but my starting blank was over an inch thick. I wanted a curved up end. Then after getting that decided it would feel good to put a dish into that end. At afternoon tea on Sunday while reviewing the progress i thought mmh that end could be used for say adding salt to a stew. Lol. Linda has a little ball type spoon with a hole drilled in it that lives in the salt pot near the stove. It dawned on me that this could do double duty but in reality its not intended for that purpose as i have since been instructed to make a partner to it and put fork cuts in so there is a pair for salad bowls.

    Can tell you i sure worked up a sweat dealing with that rock maple, but boy it is such fun to take a blank of wood and watch yourself have something emerge from the blank.
    Same kick as spinny work just a bit slower on the instant gratification.
    I like the fact that there is less need for measuring or precision as one requires with say hand cut dovetails.
    Now to find a partner blank. This one just happened to be lying about in the garage. I may find i had other plans for it when i pick up on the dozen or so other half finished projects. Lol.

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