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Thread: Autodesk 123D Design now a free(ish) download

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    Autodesk 123D Design now a free(ish) download

    Looks like they have Mac, Windows and Ipad downloads, haven't tried it yet but looks interesting.

    They've also opened up some of their other 3d design tools:

    The tinkercad looks amusing.

    They do a pretty good job of hiding the link to the TOS until you download it but it appears the free is only for non commercial use and has some other limitations on use:

    The premium is about $100/yr though so that doesn't seem horrible for cad licensing and at least you can try before you buy.

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    I have been an Autodesk user for a LOT of years.

    I cut my teeth on AutoCAD v9 for dos

    I learned mechanical desktop

    Seeing the 123D looked very cool - I downloaded the beginner version and will play with that for a while.

    Thanks for the post

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