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Thread: Proud Poppa

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    Matt Dunlap Guest

    Proud Poppa

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    Congrats Matt! You have every reason to be proud!
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    always nice to hear

    that our siblings are off to there destiny and having fun doing it> congrats matt on your daughters acceptance in the art field.
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    Congrats Matt! After all those years and paying off! Nothing finer than seeing your child achieve there goals! Again...Congrats!

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    Hey Matt, you have every REASON to be a Proud Poppa, Beautiful Daughter, has Talent, and best of all, is USING her talent. It is a Great Feeling to see our Kids grow up and do well in their endeavors, especially when we often see so much talent Wasted by some folks, because they don't use it. I wish her much continued success.

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    Dude, you rock!

    Sure glad she takes after her mother eh (I say the same thing about my two lovely daughters, that they take after my wife..........thankfully!!)

    Some talent, all the best luck with it!
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    G'Day Matt

    Thanks for sharing your daughters talent, really enjoyed her art. And congratulations!


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    Congrats, Matt, and equally important, congrats to your daughter. Based on the photo album, she does some very nice work. Not sure you look old enough to be that young lady's dad, but we'll have to take your word for it.
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    Great news, I hope you'll send her a link to this post so she can see how much her Dad's friends appreciate her work!


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    She does beautiful work Matt.

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