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Thread: old pipe

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    old pipe

    Years ago I had a large collection of smoking pipes which I gave to a friend for his much larger collection. Among those I gave him (I thought) was a pipe that belonged to my grandfather. Friend died last year and his collection went to parts unknown. I regretted loss of that pipe. But, yesterday, I was digging through cartons of 'stuff' we have in our garage and....lo....and....behold.....was Grandpa's pipe. I must have held on to it for sentimental reasons. I used to smoke it but gave up the habit over 30 years ago. Now, it rest on display with some of my other things until I go.
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    Glad you found it, Frank. And, if you only knew the stories it could tell!
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    That is awesome - I have a few memorabilia like that hanging around. Hope to pass them down some day

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    Nice, save!

    I'm guessing its a briar root bowl from looking at it?

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    Very cool, Frank. Glad it found its way back to you even though it never really left.
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    That's great Frank !!
    I'm a sentimental fool. I save so many things that belonged to my parents and grandparents. I have special birthday cards given to me by my kids, wife and grandkids. I just can't throw the stuff away.
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    That's a one in a gazillion! Don't like my straight tube so if you have a newer drop style you want to sell or trade??
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    That's a cool looking pipe Frank.. I still have my grandfather's shaving mug and razor.... haven't tried to use the razor though, by now it's not sharp and I would probably cut my throat... besides, I gave up shaving when I retired...

    On the pipe, my father used to smoke a pipe, but when I was about 5 or so I found it and used it to blow soap bubbles... Dad never wanted to smoke it after that ??????
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    Very cool Frank. My mom had my great uncle's pipes and pipe stand after he passed. Had a little jar for the tobacco, which had a rubber seal under the wood lid, and a little case with a sponge for keeping it moist . The stand held about 6 pipes. I'll have to ask if they sold it or if it's still around in their storage.

    Looked just like this one:
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