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Thread: Radio Controlled B-29 and X-1

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    Radio Controlled B-29 and X-1

    My boss sent me this link...apologies if you've already seen it. It's an 8-minute video of a large scale model of a B-29 bomber with a few tricks up its sleeve. Some pretty impressive flying, too. Big boy toys, for sure. (Right-click the link and save the file to your computer. It's about 2.5 MB, so it might take some time to download on a dialup connection.)
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    That was fantastic!

    I'll send that to my Dad, he flies RC!!
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    That was too cool!!!

    Theres a bunch on youtube. Some of them don't end so well
    This guy didn't have such a good flight with his B-52

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    That was very cool, indeed!

    I have 2 brief stories to share that are kind of related to this.

    Story 1 (RC related):
    My uncle's neighbor is really big in to RC planes. He built a big B-25. The landing gears worked on phneumatic actuators, using compressed air. The compressed air was contained in a modified 3 litre bottle within the body of the plane. He was transporting the plane to the field where he flew it (with the bottle charged with air), when the bottle ruptured! It blew the plane in half. I saw the pictures. The inside of his van was covered with shreds of balsa and RC parts. The funny thing is that his home owner's insurance covered it.

    Story 2 (X-1 related):
    My Grandfather (on my Dad's side) worked for Bell Areospace after WWII. He worked on the Bell X-1 project. It was so top secret at the time that he couldn't even tell my grandmother what he was working on.
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    Thanks Vaughn, that was awesome!
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    That was cool! I love to watch these things. The B-52 Robert mentioned made the circulation a couple years ago. It too was neat to watch, but sad to see get demolished. The really sad thing is there was a real B-52 that went down trying to perform the same stunt. Killed all 8 crew members aboard. Something about the aerodynamics of the plane not being able to do that particular maneuver. Jim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Mickley View Post
    That was too cool!!!

    Theres a bunch on youtube. Some of them don't end so well
    This guy didn't have such a good flight with his B-52
    Since I'm on dialup, I haven't opened this, So, is this the B52 that those guys in England built? If so, I have the original flight on file, and sure hate to hear it got torn up, as it was a real beauty.

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