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Thread: Laser Etching

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    Laser Etching

    We've seen the amazing work that Pete does with his laser, after the fact. But have you ever seen one in action??

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    That is amazing to me. How come there is not residue, like scorch marks, burns left by that? Even in metal I would think it would need clean up of darken along the cut when done....
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    I believe that is a very high power galvo laser. Even more amazing when you learn how the beam is controlled.

    Picture a high power laser beam coming at you thru a window. You have a small mirror in your hand. Now quickly move the mirror around to direct the laser beam to the work surface as needed.

    I think it is really done with a mirror that has two speaker type cones mounted on two different axis. Incredible how it can work at all never mind that fast and accurate.

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    That is pretty crazy to see, cool though.

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    That was really interesting.
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