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Thread: We think far too small

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    We think far too small

    I am the guilty one here. I DREAM HUGE and I think too small.

    I love to follow Dan Sawatsky and his way of doing things.

    Dan is VERY successful and makes TONS of money.

    His toys are worth more than my entire net worth.

    He has told his story and he started out very small.

    I just LOVE the stuff he shows here - and when you break it done to the pieces - it is VERY VERY doable in a small shop.

    The only thing we lack is imagination.

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    Dan sure makes some fantastic stuff in his shop and has a talented crew to help it happen!

    In addition to imagination, I believe what a lot of us lack is a belief that we can really do a particular thing. For instance, I got into using better woods because I wanted some "craft" type items to looks nicer. Once I began to "believe" I could also build furniture, I actually did it - many times over, in fact.

    Now that I've ventured into the world of CNC, it has consumed most of my time. A majority of that time is spent studying and learning how to do different types of tasks such as two-sided cutting. I've dabbled in a very small way with 3D cuts. I've made MANY mistakes but that's part of the learning process.

    Will I ever make any money? I don't care!!! There is a lot of satisfaction in accomplishing what I do.
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    Bill I agree with you but would also add "fear of failure" and consequential cost/waste as another driver.

    I notice this in business too. Many have a fear of failure that prevents people from even trying something new.

    For me i cannot stand waste. Just witnessed too much of it.

    This is why i think Allen and Chucks point is something i repeat to myself with regards to woodworking.
    "Its only wood, it grows on trees and can be replaced if you mess up"

    Nothing to replace or waste if one does not even try though. Then whats the point of having tools.

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    I'll add fear of success, which sounds weird but seems fairly common (I've felt it at times). Basically worry that you'll get to a stage you can't manage the situation (growth to fast, can hire enough good people, etc...).

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    I have met Dan face to face and been under his tutelage.

    Dan has trained every one of the people on his crew.

    None, that started working with Dan had any experience under their belt.

    What they do was completely taught to them by Dan.

    Dan is an EXTREMELY encouraging person.

    Just few days with Dan - and you would be trying a complex sculpture.

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