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Thread: Cheap sandpaper deal

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    Cheap sandpaper deal

    Just got in an order of this to try out since I was getting low on a few grits (I saw this on another message board but can't remember where, credit due to whomever).
    With shipping it worked out to about $22 delivered to my door for about 120 sheets (roughly there were some irregular sizes so I counted 2 of those as 1 sheet although most were a bit over a half sheet) of good quality cloth backed sandpaper.

    Its was mostly DeerFoss sandpaper (never heard of them before and appears to be pretty nice cloth backed sandpaper (we'll see how well it holds up when the grit hits the wood but it doesn't rub off easily when rubbed against itself) and a few sheets of Awuko (ditto: which also looks to be about the same quality.

    Grits were a mix of 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 240, 280, 320, and 400 with a few more in the middle grits than the ends (there were only a few sheets of 60 and 80, 320/400 were fairly well represented though).

    The cloth backing is moderately stiff, especially on the lower grits (appears to be off cuts from some sort of large belt sander paper) and while most were in rough squares there were a fair number of off shape/sized pieces so its probably most useful for turners although you would certainly get your money's worth for a 1/4 sheet or even a 1/2 sheet pad sander sheets. I could tear the sheets with the grain but would have to score them to break them across the grain. I'd gotten a couple of belts of industrial cloth backed paper form my cousin and it lasted 4-5x longer than most of the commercial stuff (maybe twice as long as norton 3x which is my baseline goto paper) so if this stuff performs even as close to as well as that (and it looks like it might) I'll be tickled pink.

    The glue they used on this is a bit whiffy so I wouldn't like it in a closed up space for long unless it had aired out some (my hands still stink a bit from sorting it 30m later). That probably bodes well for its durability though.

    The sheets have some curl having apparently come off of a roll, but not to bad.

    The grits appear to maybe be a smidge coarser than Norton/3m/mirka of the same rated grit (depending on the grade of 3m or norton it might be close to this stuff, mirka seems maybe a bit finer)

    They also appear to have:
    box of fine:
    box of medium:
    box of medium/fine:
    box of coarse:
    for the same price per.

    I may be adding a box of medium and/or fine to the list once I burn through some of this.

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    Thanks Ryan. I have used Klingspor's version of the "bargain box" a few times with very good results.
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