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Thread: This is the Worst Time of the Year

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    This is the Worst Time of the Year

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    Darn Boysenberries are getting ripe. I am having a hard time keeping up. Have to eat a bowl every evening just to stay even and it gets worse, the Blackberries start right after these..... "Life Gets Tedious Don't It"?
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    It's a dirty job, but I'm just glad there are people like you to stand between the rest of us and such a horrible fate!
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    Its horrible, really. The cherries are overwhelming us here to.

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    yea it is tough we just finished peach picken time and the corn coming in now.
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    Paul, you poor, poor man.
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    I thought April ws the cruellest month, but then, I 've never had a boysenberry. Have to try it.

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    What the heck!!?? I'll take all you have Paul....those things are like gold in this house. Just picked up a flat at the farmer's market for $25, dirt cheap...well...other than free of course
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    You know, any leftovers freeze very well for winter-time pancakes, waffles, cereal toppers, etc.. Ours should be coming out in a few weeks (the problem with living at higher elevation). Brent never gets any because I eat them all on my way to the garden

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