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Thread: It's Friday! 6/19/2015 Edition

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    It's Friday! 6/19/2015 Edition

    It's that time again. Nice day here today, but am stuck inside. Tonight I'm going to attempt hooking up the new hot water heater, wish me luck. Tomorrow our institute has a family picnic, so taking the daughter and grandson to it for a little face painting and junk food. Then spend a little time with the grandson. Sunday I may get some yard work in and try to get some mulch down, but then again, I may do some brewing...have a milk stout kit I'm wanting to try out.

    What's everyone else's plans?

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    Over to a friends house tonight for brats and beers. Tomorrow will be family time as the wife heads out of town to Vegas for the week early on Sunday. She'll be "working" out there all week so the girl and I must look out for ourselves. She asked if we can have tacos for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday....I told her we must add in some BBQ and ice cream along with beer for me and root beer for her and we'll be all set.
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    Laundry today. Community theatre with friends tonight. Helping prepare for upcoming Maker's Faire tomorrow. Sermon on Sunday at 3 services. Face plant nap on Sunday afternoon. In between, continue preparation for variance application on the property. Want that in by the end of the week.

    Mundane, to say the least.

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    We're wrapping up the second week with my granddaughter visiting us. We'll have here with us until the first part of August. So far, so good!!!

    I'm still spending most of my shop time doing things with my CNC. It's been getting really hot in the afternoon, so I'm limiting my shop time to save electricity by not running AC too much. Mornings are cool enough to get productive.

    Saturday, I'll grill some ribeyes, keilbasa and maybe a few veggies for dinner.

    Sunday, LOML is taking me to Firehouse Subs to get my FREE Daddy's Day sub! YAY!!! No NASCAR, darn it!!!
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    Yard work....the weeds are winning big time, but KC's at the bat
    The perception of perfection is perfectly clear to everyone else

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    Get the power washer out and cleaned up - need to power wash all the gypsy moth YECH

    Order the sign materials for the New Bedford sign

    Start on a second - third hummingbird plaque - maybe a 4-th also. Need something to sell.

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    I have some yard work and dump hauling to do, but my back went south on me yesterday, so I'll be doing next to nothing until it calms down some.

    I have a guitar assembly project that I'd like to get started on, but I'm still waiting on the last of the parts to arrive. I have a sweet curly maple Telecaster body just itching to be played with. The parts should have been here a few days ago, but I missed the fact that PayPal used my old address as the shipping address. USPS says the package was forwarded to another address, but I can't tell exactly which address that would be. Sooner or later it'll show up. It's not like I have a shortage of guitars to use, after all.

    Speaking of guitars, the makers of my amp/effects modeling rig just released a new version of their firmware, so I'm planning to install that this weekend and play around with all the new stuff they added. Fractal Audio is very good about putting out free updates that actually have significant improvements and enhancements.

    Sunday we gain a houseguest for about a week. Her name is Eva, and she's about 110 pounds of Great Dane sweetness.
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    Helping my BIL put down tile in their kitchen floor. My back and knees aren't looking forward to it!

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    Looks like it may be dry enough to mow. Or get goats. Work inshop on desk for better half. Been at it for about a year.
    Don't want to rush into anything.

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    Helping my wife with a display she's doing at the church, but also hoping to get some wood on the lathe. Who knows?

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