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Thread: for you bbq people

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    for you bbq people

    this guy is a friend of the birthday boy we went last night, but he also gets hired out to bbq parties.
    that's his homemade grill.
    theres a crank handle on top, hooked up with chain to raise and lower the grill, or to use as a spit

    we got there at 4, he had already had the grill going for a while, my wife left at 10:30 last night, he was still cooking for people.(60-70 people showed up)

    He was the same person that did the outdoor in a tent bbq on New Years a couple of years back.

    the guy likes to grill.

    there was so much food by the time everyone got there, and brought enough food to feed a small country, we were piling up some of the sides inside to make room for people to eat at dry tables(a lot of rain, not enough waterproof tents)

    ok, no more food section posts for me, thought some might appreciate a home made grill
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    That's a cool grill! What a spread!
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    Interesting grill. Looks like he started with a firepit and added some layers to it. Seems like it would get pretty hot around it, though.
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    Neat grill, and it looks like nobody had an excuse for leaving the party hungry.
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    it was some kind of firepit, he made the posts to lift up the grill, and ofcourse he made a grill, but I think the grill is pretty standard stuff you can buy anywhere. He just covered it with tin foil.

    70 people showed up, there was enough food for 100.

    today, we went to a much smaller bbq, only 3 families and some other guests, more relaxed, my friend has a built in pool and hot tub in his yard, but there was enough food to send everyone home lunch for the next 4 days.
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    Looks like its a variation of a Fajita style grill, where the grates can be raised and lowered, would like to build one myself. I like the fire pit version, looks like it would hold a lot of food.

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    That grill looks very much like a SA design we used to have , given most BBQ in SA is done with charcoal. The lower level is based on a design which originally came from a plough sheer with 3 legs welded to it and stood over the fire.
    The higher teers were able to swing out of the way of the heat if the fire flared up.

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    WOW! that's quite a spread! I saw a firepit/grill like that at one of the borgs a few weeks ago. Pretty sure it was Menards. You could cook quite a bit and keep it all warm by the looks of things.
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