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Thread: Hummingbird Plaque Process

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    Hummingbird Plaque Process

    I made one of these back in February, but I did not post the process. I am making 3 more but a slightly different process.

    I will be posting the videos on youtube - but I want to cross link between youtube and two forums in an effort to get something interactive between a video and a forum.

    So this is it.

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    Thanks Leo. Now you've planted the seed, and we are all waiting it to grow and bear fruit. Looking forward to it.
    Best regards,

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    I may need to put this on Hold.

    I need to get the New Bedford Sign going

    I will come back to this as I need to get this done also.

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    Not forgotten,

    I have been extremely busy last couple of weeks.

    The New Bedford Sign had 48 seperate tool path programs that needed to be run.
    Have run 85% of the toolpaths at this time.
    What an Adventure.
    LOTS of learning - for me.
    LOTS of new stuff for me.

    I have cut out all three hummingbird plaques and they are in process.

    I had to change a starter in my Ford and do brakes.

    My riding mower needed repairs

    My son's wife gave birth to their 3-rd in CT and we went down there for a visit.

    I took my wife and granddaughter out on a Whale watch on Stelwagen bank

    There has just been no time for video editing or picture updates

    BUT - I WILL - bring this back on track

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