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Thread: TS Sled Stop Blocks

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    TS Sled Stop Blocks

    Not wanting to allow the saw blade to exit the sled, I made these. They lock into the miter slots on the extension table. They are easy to use, quick to install, removable and can be stored with the sled. Thanks for looking.

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    You should drill a hole in the slot so your sled will push out any sawdust from the slot. That way you wont have a build-up of dust to keep the sled from going all the way to the stops.

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    I don't have a regular out feed table instead I have my bench behind the TS.

    I also have a router table for the left wing of the TS. So I made the sled so it overhangs the left wing/router table edge & put a small block on the bottom of the sled & a small block on the outboard edge of the router table when these block contact each other it stops the sled.
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